Sustainability in Practice

LM Thapar School of Management strongly advocates the idea of Sustainability in Practice. We believe that the idea of sustainable management can inculcate environmental and ethical awareness, values, attitudes, skills and behaviour needed to be the efficient managers in future.

The Pan year Sustainability in Practice (SiP) curriculum is designed to expose students to the opportunities for multilateral and interdisciplinary exploration of real-life situations and developing sustainable solutions relevant to businesses and the society at large. The core aim of the SiP Curriculum is the development of Social entrepreneurial intentions within the students in such a way that they can contribute towards the idea of “Sustainable and Inclusive development of the Society.”

The student driven projects are vital to understand the values associated with team work, co-operation and inclusiveness in our everyday lives as well as the understanding of sustainable business practices.

Some of the projects undertaken under this Initiative.


Integrated Village Development Model for Sustainable rural Development.

The project aims to integrate Sustainable development values at the grassroots level. Any team who undertakes this project adopts a village and helps the village folk in various socio-economic issues related to employment generation, revenue generation, awareness about health and hygiene all while keeping in mind the sustainable goals and values of the curriculum.


Inclusivity- Understanding the contribution of marginalized

The projects highlights the importance of everyday employs of an institution like Cleaners, gardeners and security guards who face the propensity of not being acknowledged for their contributions towards effective functioning. The team highlights contribution of these people and extends gratitude to them through various awareness and acknowledgement campaigns.


GYAAN–An initiative to spread awareness about the idea of Sustainability in Primary Schools

The teams who undertake this initiative visit multiple primary schools and help the tots understand the basic ideas behind the idea of Sustainability. Various activities related to this idea are organised to create awareness about conservation and judicious use of our everyday resources.


Waste Management initiatives within and outside the campus

The aim of this project is to devise sustainable strategies for waste disposal management in the campus as well as monitor and evaluate food and water wastage within the premises and spread awareness relating to judicious use of the same.

The teams also visit nearby villages and schools to spread awareness related to waste to waste segregation and waste disposal.


Drive Less Campaign

As there is no need to mention that the consumption of fossil fuels is increasing day by day. With the increase in population there is a proportional increase in the usage of personal transport. May it be four- wheelers or two- wheelers. It is high time to bring a change in this pattern and that is exactly the mission of this team. Members of this team are engaged in making people aware about the importance of fossil fuels and its harmful effects of over consumption. They participated in a rally ( WALKATHON ) that took place at very popular sukhna lake, Chandigarh. Students of this group are making sure that they can influence maximum number of people in minimum usage of their mode of transport. With this mission they conduct workshops in various other colleges. It is not about the degree or intensity of change that this movement will bring but it is in fact about making people understand that to bring the change they have to be the change, just like our students.


PRME – Principles for Responsible Management Education

The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) is a United Nations-supported initiative founded in 2007 as a platform to raise the profile of sustainability in schools around the world, and to equip today's business students with the understanding and ability to deliver change tomorrow. Dr. Padmakumar Nair, Director of LM Thapar School of Management has signed an MOU with the UN that LM Thapar School of Management will be taking initiatives towards a Sustainable India.


Take a MOOC- An initiative to spread the idea of sustainability through online classes.

The team helps cater to the idea of sustainability through online classes. The team streams various topics online related to the ideas of sustainability like judicial use of everyday resources as well as topics related to everyday management like How to be Motivational Skills, Stress Management, Interviewing skills, Organisational Behaviour and Career Objectives.


Best out of waste.

The teams visit multiple industries and helps them manage their waste generation in a sustainable manner and promote social entrepreneurship. The main objective of the team is to generate something useful from the waste in such a way that it is used as raw material for some industry or to use it for revenue generation. The students visit various industries and analyse their waste disposal systems and suggest viable sustainable changes.


Sustainability in Farming Practices.

Under this initiative student teams interact with local farmers and spread awareness about sustainable farming practices which are beneficial both for the farmer community as well as aligned with the idea of sustainability. The students informed the local farmers about the ill effects of burning stubble and the benefits of crop rotation. The aim is to reduce the contemporary farming techniques and initiate the concept of Sustainable farming.


Lmtsm go green – Promotion of Sustainable and eco-friendly practices within the campus

The main aim is the promotion and awareness of the idea of sustainability within the institution. Teams have taken efforts to completely stop the use single time plastics which are a major cause of waste generation today. Segregation of waste material and its disposal is also one of the initiatives taken by the team.


EC-Dawn Connecting common people to social enterprises

The project aims at developing a network through which they can get the general public connect with social enterprises in the city. The team has collaborated with Sarthak educational trust to create a website that will act as a medium between various people and groups.

The organization provided the team with a “box of wishes” with the wishes of especially abled children and adults were listed. The team raised Rupees 10,000 from students and faculty and used them to purchase items for fulfilling the wishes of the students as a sign of goodwill to their collaboration,



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