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What is Investment?

What is Investment? Why Investing? Where to invest?
By:Simarpreet Singh BEMBA-2015 batch
Investing The word heed by society but still overlooked by them, whose mean...Read More..

By:Shrey Sainivas
Each region of India has specific street food specialties. All of them so delicious that everyone starts drooling Read More..

A day at LMTSM: Infinite Learning, Infinite Perspectives
By Sameer Raj
As a life-long day-scholar, taking up hostel at LM Thapar School of Management was an experience that I was..Read More..

The Cursed Child
The soldier took his last breath and miles away his son was born. Everyone cursed the little one, for them his birth was a bad omen. Read More..

Phenomenon based Learning – Mr. Amandeep Dhir
The phenomenon based learning session was taken up by Mr.Amandeep Dhir, PhD, Psychology, University of Helsinki, Finland Read More..

Although it has only been two weeks that our session has started Read More..

Is Political oratory the only criteria.....???
These days, we see the politicians who are good at communicating their thoughts to the masses tend to be more successful than others. Read More..

Last night, when the moonlight slipped into my attic room as an oblong of light, I sensed she’d come to commiserate. Read More..


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