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Phenomenon based Learning – Mr. Amandeep Dhir

The phenomenon based learning session was taken up by Mr.Amandeep Dhir, PhD, Psychology, University of Helsinki, Finland

The first session focused on - Industry 4.0: The 7-hour workshop began by introducing the students to the concept of Industry 4.0 i.e. the new industrial revolution which involves the seamless integration of traditional physical manufacturing processes with digital technologies. The workshop aimed at mitigating fears related to digitization; the most important being, the eventual decimation of many current jobs, which will soon be rendered obsolete, due to automation. This inevitable outcome can be best handled by bringing about a perspective overhaul in the workforce wherein the focus is going to shift towards preparing and equipping the workforce with necessary skills which can help it navigate this new space. Adapting to this cyber-physical world, comes with challenge of the mental inertia caused by the very prevalent fixed mindset among the workforce which can be overcome by incorporating learning techniques involved in Finnish education system into our existing curriculum, thereby teaching a new learning approach on problem-solving called as phenomenon based learning system (PhBL or PhenoBL ). PhBL involves picking up a topic or a theme and looking at it through multiple perspectives i.e. ability to learn and understand a concept through a multi-disciplinarian approach instead of viewing the said concept through a single-subject lens only.

One of the key takeaways from PhBL was formulating perspectives through evidence based learning (which is objective in nature) rather than relying on anecdotal observations (subjective analysis). The objective analysis needs to be done at the personal level as well wherein a healthy assessment of one’s strengths and weaknesses is taken into account before plunging headfirst into an opportunity. Therefore, developing a self-critical attitude is very crucial for effective decision making.

The second and third session witnessed phenomenon based learning in practice. A theory was presented, its components were dissected and understanding of the theory through examples was done. The area of focus in this session was ‘resistance to change’ and the ‘Innovation Resistance Theory (IRT)’ was explored to understand customer resistance to a new product, different barriers to IRT (psychological and functional barriers) and the learning outcome that when the barriers are overcome, the product is readily accepted by the customers especially the innovators who set the ball rolling for customers in the early majority and the late majority segment.

Furthermore, students were asked to figure out a problem related to energy sector, propose a solution and formulate a strategy or approach to fix the problem by applying the concepts learnt in IRT.

I can say it was a huge learning experience from Mr.Amandeep Dhir.

Jasmeen Kaur


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