Admission Process

We execute a rolling admissions process. However, given the competitive nature and the limited number of slots in the program, we advise that you start the admission process well in time before the commencement of the program.

We base our admission decision on your educational and professional background, your motivation essay, your contribution to the society and your interview with the admissions committee. We give credit to your achievements so far and your potential to take up a responsible leadership role in an organization. Other important indicators of success we look for are your attitude, your openness to new ideas and your sense of justice. The program has been designed by keeping YOU as the center of the learning journey and therefore student empowerment is key to the success of the EMBA.

We are inviting applications from professionals with more than six years of organizational experience who are now ready to leap forward in their intellectual journey. Women who are considering a second career after taking a break from their original careers are also encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to candidates with extraordinary life experiences.

Apply for the Thapar Executive MBA

Stage 1: Submitting online application.

Please submit your application online at Application form along with supporting documents. You will also be required to submit a motivational essay.

Stage 2: Application review

Your application will be reviewed by the admissions committee. The decision of the reviewing committee will be made within 5 working days from the date of your application.

Stage 3: Personal interview

This is the most important and compulsory component of the entire admission process. Depending on the availability this can be done physically, over the phone or on Skype. During this you will need to very explicitly demonstrate why you want to enroll for the program, your understanding of what the program has to offer and your contribution to the program. You might have to go for multiple rounds of interview. The Director would like to speak to all applicants before a final offer is made.

Stage 4: Communication of decision

Whatever decision is made by the admissions committee will be communicated in three working days. Successful candidates will need to accept and confirm their place.

Stage 5: Accepting the offer and registration

You will have a few days to register for the program and submit all documents and fees pertaining to the program.


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