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Syllabus for Research Aptitude Test (RAT) - 2017

The detailed syllabus of Research Aptitude Test (RAT) for admission in Ph.D. program of LMTSM, is described below:

Part-I: Assessment of Research Skills/Aptitude of the Candidate

Logical Reasoning: Arguments, deductive and inductive reasoning; logical and Venn diagram; Information and inferences; analogies; reading and comprehension.

Research Methodology: Definition, characteristics, and ethical issues in research; types of research; research methods and process, quantitative and qualitative research; analysis and Interpretation of data; mapping and tool s for data analysis.

Basic Statistics: Measures of central tendency- mean, mode median, standard deviation; quartile and percentile; correlation and regression.

Part-II: Assessment of knowledge of the candidate in management domain:

Fundamentals of Management: Principles and theories of management; management functions, elements of strategy, SWOT analysis, strategy formulation and execution, core competence and competitive advantage, market structures.

Organizational Behavior: Skills and roles in an organization, contemporary organizational structures, understanding and managing individual and group behaviour, personality, perception, values and attitudes, learning, motivation, interpersonal and group dynamics, managing conflicts.

Marketing Management: STP strategies, product mix, product life cycle, new product development, pricing strategies, promotion mix, marketing of services.

Financial Management: Valuation concepts, capital budgeting decisions, capital structure and cost of capital, dividend policy, long term and short term financing instruments, mergers and acquisitions.

Human Resource Management: Human resource planning, recruitment, selection, induction, training and development, performance management, leadership theories.

Operations Management: Definition, need and scope; product-process matrix; production function, cost output relations, TQM and Six Sigma; supply chain and logistics management.

Information Systems: Technological issues and data processing in organizations, MIS and decision making, emerging trends in Information technology.

Four fellowships are available to the full-time Ph.D. students as per the following eligibility criteria:

(A) Fellowship in Year 1 (a monthly fellowship of ₹ 25,000)

  1. The candidate must be in the top four positions in the final Merit list for admission to the program.

  2. The candidate meeting criterion 1 as mentioned above must have a valid score in any of these exams: CAT, GMAT, GRE, GATE, NMAT, XAT or should have qualified NET (UGC/CSIR) at the time of admission.

  3. In case, a candidate meets criterion 1 but does not meet criterion 2 as mentioned above at the time of admission, the candidate must meet the criterion 2 within one year from the date of admission to be eligible for fellowship. It is to be noted that the fellowship shall be applicable from the date of obtaining a valid score/qualification as per criterion 2.

(B) Fellowship in Years 2-4 (a monthly fellowship of ₹ 30000-₹ 40000)

Only the candidates receiving fellowship in year 1 will be eligible for the fellowship for the subsequent years as detailed below provided:

  1. These scholars will secure at least 8.00 CGPA throughout in the Ph.D. course work.

  2. These scholars have successfully defended their research proposal within the prescribed period as per the Ph.D. program regulations.

YearAmount per month (in ₹)

Note: The decision of the University/School with respect to the offer of fellowship will be final and binding. The University/School reserves the right to modify the above criteria of fellowship.

Tuition Fees for PhD for Executives (Part Time) (Year 2017-19)

(A) Fee Payable Once on Admission

Admission FeeUniversity SecurityAlumni FeeTotal (₹)
10,000 Nil 1,000 11,000

(B) Fee Payable Each Semester

For SessionTuition FeeDevelopment FeeExam FeeTotal Fee Without Hostel (₹)
2017-18 71,200 25,800 1000 98,000
2018-19 79,700 25,800 1000 1,06,500
2019-20 89,200 25,800 1000 1,16,000
2020-21 99,900 25,800 1000 1,26,700


  1. Qualifying Entrance Test: All candidates will have to undergo the entrance test conducted by the School as detailed below:

    Section A:                 Research Aptitude Test (Objective type)                              30 marks
    Section B:                 Writing Ability Test                                                             30 marks

    All the candidates who score at least 50% marks in the entrance test as mentioned above shall be called for Interview process.

  2. Interview Process                                                                                               40 marks

    The candidate is required to indicate his/her area of research at the time of interview.

Note: The final Merit list for admission to the Ph.D. program shall be prepared based on the total marks scored by the candidates in the entrance test and interview.

Fee break-up is as follows:

(A) Fee Payable Once on Admission

Admission FeeUniversity SecurityAlumni FeeTotal (₹)
11,000 10,000 1,000 22,000

(B) Fee Payable Each Semester

For SessionTuition FeeDevelopment FeeStudents' Activity
& Welfare Charges
Exam FeeMedical Fee
& Insurance Charges
Total Fee
Without Hostel (₹)
2017-18 25,000 6,000 7,500 2,000 400 40,900
2018-19 27,600 7,000 7,500 2,000 400 44,500
2019-20 31,600 7,000 7,500 2,000 400 48,500
2020-21 33,000 10,000 7,500 2,000 400 52,900


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