Our MBA Program goal is to develop Globally Sensitive Practitioners with a Scholarly and Social Entrepreneurial Mindset

We want to groom a generation of thinkers, practitioners and leaders who are adept at solving both local and global problems with utmost global sensitivity. Global sensitivity has a much broader scope than just cultural sensitivity. It encompasses everything from rules and regulations to economic realities to geographic peculiarities.

We base our philosophy of educating the practitioners with a scholarly mindset on the following two assertions:

  • Nothing is as practical as a good theory” by Kurt Lewin

  • Nothing is as dangerous as a bad theory” by Sumantra Ghoshal

  • We want our graduates to be able to understand the power of good science and at the same time recognize its limitations. We pay special attention to generating new ideas and synthesizing and integrating existing ideas for applying them to solve real world problems.

We believe that what is good for the corporation should be good for the community and what is good for the community should be good for the nation and ultimately the entire world. We want every graduate to have a strong entrepreneurial orientation with an emphasis on doing social good. Irrespective of what kind of enterprises they create or work for, a strong orientation toward societal good must be the starting point of any decision they make. We believe that a right balance between social and economic good can produce sustainable businesses. Also, we see considerable overlap between social entrepreneurial mindset and sustainability mindset.

Our MBA program goal has been designed in pursuit of our mission. A globally sensitive student will understand international perspective in a better fashion while serving in a globalized business world. A student with social entrepreneurial mindset will be able to comprehend overall influence of the business decisions on environment, society and economy, and is inclined to look for pioneering solutions for sustainable good of every stakeholder. A scholarly practitioner can apply classroom learning in business situations. We believe that a scholarly practitioner who is globally sensitive and has a social entrepreneurial mindset can become a socially aware accomplished manager in a global concern as she would understand the importance of conducting business in a sustainable manner. Such awareness by future managers is extremely crucial in the face of the challenges being faced by the business world, humanity and earth today. We understand that if we as a business school can contribute in this regard, we will be able to accomplish our mission. The focus on our mission and program goals will also result in overall enrichment of our School as it will force us to build our capabilities and take initiatives towards their achievement.


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