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The globalization of world economy has created new vistas for businesses and challenges that arise from the need to manage across borders. The international management specialization focuses on developing the understanding and skill-set required by an international business manager to transcend the challenges such as differences in cross-national environments, economic policies and competitive landscape.
The international management stream equips the students with thorough knowledge of concepts, theories and practices that explain the relevance of the trade, managing indigenous & multinational enterprise, strategies and issues in context of dynamic global economic regime.

List of Electives

  • Globalization and Growth Competing in Emerging Markets
  • Entry Strategies for International Markets
  • Managing International Firms
  • International HRM
  • International Finance
  • International Marketing

Learning Outcome

  • Recognise the potential impact of local and global economic conditions and events, with global emphasis, on the operations and strategic management of organisations.
  • Apply sound financial management techniques and analytical skills to authentic operations and strategic management issues of organisations.
  • Develop contemporary strategic management practices compatible with organisational sustainability, ethical behaviour and effective workforce relations.
  • Describe a range of research methods useful in the conduct of industry and organisation based projects, and discuss their benefits and limitations.
  • Relate and apply their knowledge and skills to organisations engaging in international business.