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The Energy Market is crucial to the global economy, and is one of the most rapidly growing industries. The specialisation at LMTSM is designed to give students not just the highly valued insight but also an overview of contemporary issues in the market. One of the most delicate issues right now is that of carbon management - not just for energy companies, but for all businesses. The knowledge gained from programme will give students a unique perspective on sustaining the businesses for future. Energy use by people provides enormous benefits, but harmful side-effects are involved, and new challenges are created as energy use continues to grow. The challenges are varied and a variety of approaches is called for to address them. The energy resources in use are primarily fossil fuels; they account for 75% of the world's current consumption. On the scale of a decade, or at most a few decades, conventional petroleum will become scarce. The students pursuing will be taught concentration gain tools for analysing energy and environmental problems, and developing strategies for business to succeed in an economy in which these issues are increasingly critical.
The specialisation in Energy provides a judicious blend of theory and practice, thus prepares the individual to meet contemporary global requirements. As a manager, given the emerging pressure to confront the most dramatic energy problems using the tools of both the business and public policy worlds, it is vital to understand both of these disciplines in addition to the fundamental sciences, engineering and environmental perspectives. From exploring the growing demand in developing economies to considering alternative sources of supply, from considering climate change to studying energy regulation and security, we will help you develop the skills you need to be visionary manager in the field of energy.

List of Electives

  • Energy Use and Environment Implications
  • Energy Efficiency and Energy Efficient Technologies
  • Energy Management and Sustainable Development
  • Energy Conservation and Opportunities
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Energy and Environment
  • Energy Audit and Green Building
  • Energy Policy and Management
  • Energy Research Project

Learning Outcome

  • Analyse current and emerging trends in the global energy sector to develop and implement effective energy management strategies for global sustainability
  • Evaluate business decisions to ensure efficient and sustainable management of resources and the environment;
  • Integrate management, leadership and business principles to perform strategic roles in energy management.